MACD Launches Governance-focused Directors’ Training Program

A new partnership between the Malaysian Alliance of Corporate Directors (MACD) and Australian-based Global Governance Initiative (GGI) will bring world-class governance education to local directors in a completely online format.

As an organisation representing directors, President Adjunct Professor Paul W Chan said that the Malaysian Alliance of Corporate Directors wanted to ensure directors had a learning program that was relevant and prepared them well to operate in today’s business environment.

“There is growing demand globally – especially in developed nations with established economies – for organisations to prove good conduct and ways of working,” said Mr Chan. “Once upon a time, ‘what’ organisations did or achieved was the focus, but it’s no longer enough. The community, customers, employees and shareholders are now asking ‘how’ business is being conducted. They expect that the behaviour of directors and executives can withstand the strongest scrutiny.”

Currently, over 90 percent (based on GGI analysis) of businesses do not have adequate training in place to ensure their directors and executives understand their obligations and current expectations.

“In selecting a partner to provide this education, we assessed the current programs available on content, delivery method, price and credentials offered. We found that Global Governance Initiative was the market-leader, not only drawing together some of the best governance leaders today, but was also the only provider able to offer a course that offers independent credentials and can be completed online, unhindered by distance, time and Covid-19 restrictions.”

The program is comprised of six immersive, online modules spanning Purpose & Culture, Entrepreneurship (Risk & Strategy), Integrity, Society, Prosperity and Succeed (Directorship).

Participants can choose to have their learning recognised with three professional practice credentials from Melbourne-based DeakinCo, which can in turn be credited to further post-graduate studies.