Elevating Corporate Directors for Over 14 Years

MACD is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee and was founded in the year 2009 with the goal to further develop the Malaysian corporate directors with higher levels of entrepreneurship, corporate strategic execution and with best methods in corporate governance. For this to happen, MACD continues to establish and maintain contacts amongst top-ranking business leaders, both locally and internationally.


What We Do

  • Provide a professional networking platform for members to exchange ideas for business and public affairs improvements.
  • Support and intervention to enhance board efficiency and value.
  • Advance boardroom leadership through education and lifelong learning.


Our Approach

  • Ethical behavior is a non-negotiable principle for company directors.
  • Directors prioritize their stewardship toward the company and shareholders, followed by all other stakeholders, promoting sound moral values through their conduct.
  • The success of the free enterprise system relies on responsible leadership driven by integrity, fairness, and vision.
  • Supporting laws regulating fair competition, restraining trade, preventing unfair practices, and deterring collusion is fundamental for directors.
  • Ethical behavior is important, but it should never serve as an excuse for poor performance.

Our Mission

To provide a professional platform and voice for advocacy, for the interests of corporate directors toward high corporate performance with integrity and sustainability.


Our Creed

  • We believe in free market enterprise and competition.

  • We believe that the future of Malaysia depends on the excellent performance of organisations in both the private and public sectors, and their partnerships.

  • We believe that directors play a key role in the success of these organizations.

  • We believe that organisations must balance the interests of all stakeholders.

  • We believe that both integrity and enterprise are essential to the health of all organizations.

  • We believe that it has a pivotal role to play in the transformation of organisations through developing the knowledge, skills, expertise and professional standards of directors.

  • We believe in the promotion of good corporate governance.