MACD welcome the appointment of its President, Adj. Prof. Paul W Chan, to the ESG Exchange Advisory Committee

We are delighted to announce that Adjunct Professor Paul W. Chan, President of MACD, has been appointed to the ESG Exchange Advisory Committee, based in South Africa.

Initiated by Professor Mervyn E. King, the ESG Exchange is a global collaboration of standard setters, business practitioners and corporate governance experts, drawing together scarce expertise to equip firms to regularly publish timely, assurable, and comparable sustainability reports.

In the context of Good Governance, values of Integrity, Competence, Responsibility, Accountability, Fairness, and Transparency, the ESG Exchange’s mode of operation shall be based on the principles of:

Collaboration: a global network of ethical, influential, active collaborators championing best-practice corporate reporting

Curation: a system which sources, selects, and maintains a world-wide model for corporate reporting information and tools

Evaluation and guidance: structures and global processes to promote and incentivize enterprise-wide best-practice corporate reporting

Independent convenorship: an independent global forum sharing, promoting, and continually improving corporate reporting practices in an evolving sustainable development context.

The newly established IFRS/ISSB will deliver a global baseline of sustainability disclosures to meet capital market needs. The ESG Exchange initiative is fully in alignment with and in support of the implementation of the global baseline.

* IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation
* ISSB – International Sustainability Standards Board