MACD is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee and was founded in the year 2009 with the goal to further develop the Malaysian corporate directors with higher levels of entrepreneurship, corporate strategic execution and with best methods in corporate governance. For this to happen, MACD continues to establish and maintain contacts amongst top-ranking business leaders, both locally and internationally.

MACD additionally provides a forum for members to network and exchange ideas for businesses and public affairs advancements, as well as offer assistance in service and interventions, to members in improving their board’s efficiency and value collectively. Thus, MACD remains dedicated to advancing boardroom leadership and improvement of members’ personal proficiencies by encouraging education and lifelong learning.



To provide a professional platform and voice for advocacy, for the interests of corporate directors toward high corporate performance with integrity and sustainability.



  • Providing a forum for members to network and exchange ideas, for the advancement of business and public affairs

  • Promoting life-long education and peer-to-peer learning, for the enhancement of members’ personal competencies

  • Assisting members in elevating their board’s efficiency and effectiveness as a whole through our services and interventions

  • Establishing and maintaining contacts amongst business leaders at the highest level, locally and internationally



  • We believe in free market enterprise and competition.

  • We believe that the future of Malaysia depends on the excellent performance of organisations in both the private and public sectors, and their partnerships.

  • We believe that directors play a key role in the success of these organizations.

  • We believe that organisations must balance the interests of all stakeholders.

  • We believe that both integrity and enterprise are essential to the health of all organizations.

  • We believe that it has a pivotal role to play in the transformation of organisations through developing the knowledge, skills, expertise and professional standards of directors.

  • We believe in the promotion of good corporate governance.



  • Ethical behaviour on the part of company directors is not negotiable.

  • The stewardship of a director is first towards the company and its shareholders, and then to all other stakeholders.

  • Sound moral values are propagated by the conduct of individuals.

  • The effectiveness of free enterprise and the market economy demands responsibility. It is therefore vital that business activity is directed by people of integrity, fairness and vision.

  • Fair competition is fundamental to the free enterprise system. Directors must support laws regulating restraints of trade, unfair practices, avoidance of collusion, and the abuse or the unscrupulous use of economic power.

  • Ethical behaviour may never be a justification for poor performance.

Governance and Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Adjunct Professor Paul W Chan

    Adjunct Professor Paul W Chan

    President, Founding Member

  • Samantha Tai Yit Chan

    Samantha Tai Yit Chan

    Chief Executive Officer, Boardroom Malaysia

  • Michael Marquardt

    Michael Marquardt

    Global Business Advisor


  • Adelena L. Chong

    Adelena L. Chong

    Managing Partner, Paddee Connexions LLP

  • Datuk William Ng

    Managing Director of SGX-listed Audience Analytics Limited

Board of Advisors

  • Prof. Mervyn E. King

    Prof. Mervyn E. King

    Senior Counsel & former Judge of the Supreme Court of South Africa

  • Barbara Hackman Franklin

    Barbara Hackman Franklin

    President & CEO Barbara Franklin Enterprises

  • John Hc Colvin

    John Hc Colvin

    Consultant, Corporate Sydney

  • Simon Walker

    Simon Walker

    Director General Institute of Directors

  • Francis G. Estrada

    Francis G. Estrada

    Founder, Odyssey Capital Ventures (SPV-AMC) Inc

  • Jane Diplock AO

    Jane Diplock AO

    Chairman Governance & Nominating Committee International Integrated Reporting Council

  • Dr Bandid Nijathaworn

    Dr Bandid Nijathaworn

    Chairman of the Foundation for Public Policy and Good Governance

Faculty Members

  • Adjunct Professor Paul W Chan

    Adjunct Professor Paul W Chan

    President, Founding Member

  • Samantha Tai Yit Chan

    Samantha Tai Yit Chan

    Chief Executive Officer, Boardroom Malaysia

  • Adelena L. Chong

    Adelena L. Chong

    Partner, Paddee Connexions LLP

  • Dr. Alexandra R. Lajoux

    Dr. Alexandra R. Lajoux

    Founding Principal Capital Expert Services, LLC

  • Andrea Bonime-Blanc

    Andrea Bonime-Blanc

    CEO & Founder GEC Risk Advisory

  • Michael Marquardt

    Michael Marquardt

    Global Business Advisor

  • Douglas Dean

    Douglas Dean

    Head of Consulting, OSR Consulting Sdn Bhd

  • Reinushini Chandrasegaram

    Reinushini Chandrasegaram

    CEO and Principal Consultant, RC Compliance Consultancy

  • Dr Kavitha Muthy

    Dr Kavitha Muthy

    Director Intellize Tech Service

  • Michael Xavier

    Michael Xavier

    Managing Directors, SpeakRight Consultancy Sdn Bhd

  • Dr Mark Lovatt

    Dr Mark Lovatt

    CEO of Trident Integrity

Management Team

  • Benjamin Cheng

    Benjamin Cheng

    Honorary Treasurer